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1 recipe for pizza dough
(see Bread section)

Use the amounts you desire of the following:

Ham - chopped or deli slices

Mozzarella cheese - grated or sliced

Monterey Jack cheese - grated or sliced

Cheddar cheese - grated or sliced


Hot sausage - cooked and drained

Italian sausage - cooked and drained

Veggies - julienned bell peppers,onions,jalepenos

Mushrooms - sliced

Olives -sliced


Divide the dough in half and roll out to a 10x14 rectangle.

Layer your toppings just to one side of the center lengthwise.

Fold the edge up over the toppings and press down.

From there, roll dough (lengthwise) into a tight log.

Dip fingers in water and seal edges
(or use an egg wash if you prefer)

Repeat process for second half of dough.

Bake at 350 for 25-30 min til crust is golden brown.

Slice in 1 inch slices.