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Szechwan Beef


1/2 lb Boneless sirloin steak cut into 1" cubes

2 T Clarified butter

2 Cloves garlic finely chopped

4 Shallots, finely chopped

1 t Ginger

1/4 t Chili pepper

1/2 t Chili paste (can be found in oriental section)

16 Snow peas-julienned

1 Red sweet-pepper julienned

4 Green onions-sliced


Saute steak cubes,garlic,shallots and ground ginger in clarified butter for 2 minutes or til meat is done to your liking.

Add chili pepper,chilipaste,julienned snow peas and red pepper.

Stir fry 2 minutes.

Add green onions with 1 minute to go in cooking time.

Makes four small servings.