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Cooked Marzipan


1 cup sugar

6oz ground almonds

3 Tbsp powdered sugar

pinch of cream of tartar

1 egg white - lightly beaten

5 Tbsp water

1/2 tsp vanilla


Put the sugar and the water in a heavy based saucepan and cook on a low heat until the sugar has dissolved.

Add cream of tarter and bring to the boil until the sugar reaches 240 deg - soft ball stage.

Remove from the heat and stir the mixture until it turns cloudy.

Add ground almonds and vanilla.

Add the egg white and return to a low heat and stir for a couple of minutes.

Place the powdered sugar on a clean surface and pour the cooked mixture over it.

Work in the powdered sugar,being careful not to overwork.

Cover the mixture with plastic wrap until cooled.

Once cooled knead the mixture until smooth and store in refrigerator until ready to use.