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Grandma B's Potato Candy


1-2 large potatoes

1-2 boxes powdered sugar

1 Tsp vanilla
or flavoring of choice


Peel,quarter and boil the taters* as if for mashing.

Drain the taters and let them cool down.

Mash those taters and then add the vanilla and begin mixing in the powdered sugar until you get a firm "dough".

Potato candy can be formed into any shape you want,dipped in melted chocolate,covered with sugar sprinkles,color added,etc.

Grandma B used to tint some green,spread it over a brown sugar cone,turn it upside down and "decorate" it as a Christmas tree.

* Sorry,a bit of humor here. My Grandma was from the South and I can just hear a "Suth'ner" saying taters.