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Hawaiian Fruit Cup


For the fruit cup

1 recipe haupia
(see recipe in this section)

3-4 cups varied sliced fruits
(use whatever fruits you like)

For the sauce

1 can (12 oz) guava/passionfruit concentrate-undiluted

1 can (6 oz) lemonade concentrate-undiluted

1/4 -1/2 cup water
(to taste)

powdered thickening agent for cold liquid
check at your local pharmacy


For the fruit

Make 1 recipe haupia cutting it in cubes when it is cold.

Slice fruit, divide among individual serving dishes along with the haupia.

For the sauce

Mix the juice concentrates and water together.

Use only as much water as you need to obtain the taste and amount of the sauce that you want.

Use as much of the thickening agent to create a sauce as thick or as thin as you like it.

Be careful when mixing the powder in as it can very quickly overthicken your sauce and becomes even thicker when it stored in the fridge.If too thick, simply stir in small amts of water.

Spoon sauce over fruit in dishes and serve.

The nice thing about this recipe is that you can add or subtract as you like. Makes the dish uniquely "yours"