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German Spaetzle


3 cup flour -preferably unbleached

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp nutmeg

4 eggs - beaten

1/4 cup butter


Sift flour, salt and nutmeg together in a bowl.

Pour eggs and 1/4 cup water into middle of flour mixture, beat with a wooden spoon.

Add enough water to make the dough slightly sticky, yet keeping it elastic and stiff.

Using a spaetzle machine or a colander with medium holes, press the n oodles into a large pot full of boiling salted water.

Cook noodles in the water about 5 minutes or until they rise to the surface.

Lift noodles out and drain on paper towels.

Brown noodles in melted butter over low heat.

In Germany, these noodles are frequently served with a sauce or gravy as a side dish.