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Photo by permission of photographer and subject

In this world,there are many different types of friendship. The photo above is only one example. There is the friendships of our family,co-workers and others that we come into daily contact with.

What would the world be like without friends,for they help to make us who we are. This page has no recipes on it but is dedicated to all the friends I have made over my years on the net,and not just from the United States,but from all over the world. Each and every one has changed my life in some way and I want to thank all of them. They have truly made this a Wonderful World.

Please click on the links and visit their homepages and don't forget to sign their guestbooks too.

Table Of Contents

Poski's Domain

Power in Prayer

Cobber's Australia

Spirit Dreams

George and Isabel Alba
The Alba Family's Home on the Web!

Ann K and RedChef43
The Shelburne Inn and Restaurant
The Bridgewater Bistro

Aspen and Cobber
Recipe World
Virtual Dinner

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